Plattform K+K Vienna at the Trans-Siberian Art Festival, Novosibirsk

Plattform K+K is a young chamber music group dedicated to reviving rarely performed music, while at the same time breaking down boundaries between genres. K+K also stands for Kirill Kobantschenko. Born in Odessa, and a student of Zakhar Bron and Boris Kushnir, Kirill plays in the first violin section of the Vienna Philharmonic and is the founder of Plattform K+K.

With their program “Viennese Melange” the Plattform K+K Vienna embarks on a musical journey through the world of Jazz, Tango and Viennese music, arranged and improvised by Christian Bakanic and Plattform K+K Vienna. Kirill Kobantschenko, Thomas Hajek, Florian Eggner, Bartosz Sikorski, Christoph Eggner and Christian Bakanic perform a speical program with works by Mahler, Pirchner, Wolfgang, Bakanic, Schubert, Mozart, Piazzolla, and others.

The Trans-Siberian Art Festival is a Russian forum, founded and led by the Russian violinist Vadim Repin in 2014. The festival reflects not only the idea of connecting the cultures of East and West, but also of uniting Russian cities like Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Tyumen, Tobolsk, Tomsk, St. Petersburg and Moscow, as well as Belgium, USA, Great Britain, Austria, France, Germany, South Africa and the United States, Korea, Israel and Japan.

The concert takes place at Arnold Kats State Concert Hall, Novosibirsk. Masterclasses for violin, vioa and accordion will be held at the House of Culture “DK Energija”.