String quartet of the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra MoscowSergey Kostylev (violin), Anton Yakushev (violin), Elena Fedotova (viola), Fedor Zemlerub (cello) at Munich Künstlerhaus

The renowned Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra is rightly called a “soloist orchestra” as its members in various concert formations ensure unforgettable concerts at home and abroad. Its string quartet enriches the quartet literature with formative interpretations and has stood out since the orchestra was founded. With its unique sound profile, the string ensemble appears as a sought-after mediator of Russian musical culture in the West.

The authentic and deep interpretation of Russian key works by D. Shostakovitch (String Quartet No. 8) and P. Tchaikovsky (String Quartet No. 1) takes on a journey into Slavic music worlds. It is said that Leo Tolstoy have run down tears while listening to the Andante Cantabile from Tchaikovsky’s string quartet.