Orchestra Academy – Salzburg Orchestra Soloists 2019 (SAOS)

July 15-20, 2019, Salzburg (Austria)

The SAOS Orchestra Academy invites music students and professional musicians in the early stages of their career. It also welcomes ambitious participants whose career is not in music, but who wish to further develop their instrumental and orchestral skills.

All lecturers of the SAOS Orchestra Academy are a balanced selection of professors at music academies, soloists, concertmasters, and solo players of internationally renowned orchestras.

The SAOS Orchestra Academy aims to offer an intense exploration of the special performance practice required by the First Viennese School, accompanied and guided by instructors with excellent references in this specific repertoire. The 2019 SAOS Orchestra Academy takes place at Musikum Salzburg and the concerts will be part of the “Salzburg Festival" opening festivities.

Artia Promotions warmly welcomes students and musicians from Russia: Солисты оркестра Зальцбурга 2019.

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