“Piano meets Percussion” in Sochi

Russian pianist Zarina Shimanskaya presents an exceptional Russian-European program together with Fedor Amosov (cello) and Andrii Pushkarev (percussion). The program features modern arrangements for trio of works by R. Schumann, F. Schubert, D. Shostakovich and A. Schnittke.

The concert takes place at the educational center at Science and Art Park “Sirius”, which was founded on Vladimir Putin’s initiative and is housed in the former Media Center of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Its aim is to promote outstanding young talents in the fields of art, science, technology and sports. It is supported by the Talent and Success Foundation and the Russian Ministries of Science, Culture and Sports.

See event information: “Рояль в Ритме Перкуссии” (ru)